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It is written in the September 13th, 1996 edition of daily Türkiye published in Istanbul:

During the Ottoman-Russian War, in 1294 [C. E. 1877], the British declared India a British dependency. By submerging the Ottoman Empire into this war, Midhat Pâsha, a registered member of the notorious Scotch Masonic Lodge, orchestrated the worst of the damage he had inflicted on the Islamic religion. His having martyred Sultân Abd-ul-’Azîz Khân was another favour he did for the British.

The British had trained special agents and had them appointed to high ranking positions in the Ottoman government. These statesmen were Ottoman in name but British in mind and speech. Mustafa Rashîd Pâsha, the most infamous of these men, had been in office as the last Grand Vizier only six days when he congratulated the British for the Delhi massacre they perpetrated on the Muslims of India on 28 Oct. 1857. Earlier than that, the British had asked permission from the Ottomans to use the Egyptian route for the dispatch of the British soldiers coming from Britain to suppress the Muslims who had revolted against the British cruelty in India. The permission had been provided by the masonic agents.

The British not only prevented the opening of new schools in India, but they also closed all the madrasas and the primary schools which were the foundations and the most salient symbols of the Islamic Sharî’at, and they martyred all the scholars and religious authorities who could have led the people.

The British did away with all the Islamic scholars, Islamic books, and Islamic schools, a practice which they applied to all the Islamic countries. Thus they brought up young generations totally unaware of the religion. The names of the rulers of the places they exploited were Muslim names such as Ahmad, Mahmad, Mustapha, Ali. But their relations to Islam were not more than this resemblance of names. They had parliments but they have never become independent. They have always acted under command of the British.